New & Replacement Septic Tank Products

When it comes to choosing between plastic and concrete septic tanks, there are a few things to consider before making your final decision. Professionals prefer concrete over plastic septic tanks, when value exceeds the consideration of cost. Below is the difference between the two types of septic tanks to help you when deciding between plastic and concrete:

  • Plastic septic tanks tend to have lower effluent levels than concrete. At times, this is discovered once a tank is opened for septic pumping.
  • Plastic septic tanks can “float” to the surface of the ground, if it is not installed properly or severe flooding occurs.
  • Since plastic is made of a light-weight material it can be crushed once installed into the ground. Concrete septic tanks are highly durable, and are know to last for a considerably long period of time.
  • Certain codes and regulations exist when it comes to installing plastic septic tanks. Please feel free to give us a call regarding plastic septic tank codes and regulations.


Septic Tank Installation

A & L Septic provides quailty septic tank installation. Our company guarantees that every install is done by professionals, compliant with codes, and held to the highest standards.

  • Plastic Septic Tank Installation
  • Concrete Septic Tank Installation


Septic Tank Pumping

A & L Septic Tank Products, Inc. provides septic tank pumping to ensure that your septic tank is maintained properly. The importance of a well maintained septic system can prevent disasters for your home or location. Regular maintenance is required in order to help prevent these disasters from occurring.

  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Septic Tank Maintenance


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